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Rebuild Your Oral Health with Restorative Dentistry in Lawrenceville

Damaged teeth can leave patients with significant discomfort, reduced function, and an overall lesser quality of life. At Gwinnett Smile Design, Dr. Alex and Dr. Pete are LVI-trained professionals who have the skills and technology to assist those in need with a wide variety of dental needs, whether you’re experiencing minor tooth decay or a smile that’s no longer complete. You can rest assured that you’ll always be treated kindly and comfortably at our practice as well! Contact us in Lawrenceville, GA today to schedule your first appointment, or if you have any questions for our team about our available restorative services.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns are designed to cover an individual natural tooth that’s become compromised because of injury and/or decay, effectively restoring its shape, function, and aesthetic quality. Several materials are available for your new, customized dental crown to be crafted from; our team is proud to primarily offer Vital Zirconia because of its superior natural appearance and strength.

Dental crowns are very versatile and can be used to restore dental implants, rebuild teeth treated with root canal therapy, and form dental bridges. Bridges are a common reconstructive option for missing teeth, and many patients enjoy them because of their fixed, sturdy nature within the smile. However, they do require the alteration of healthy tooth structure for support. Because of this, are doctors are likely to recommend implant-retained bridges as a more effective alternative.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Today, traditional amalgam fillings have been mostly replaced by composite resin alternatives, and this is good news for patients. With tooth-colored fillings, patients from Sugarloaf Mills and surrounding areas can look forward to correcting cavities without sacrificing the beautiful appearance of their natural smile in the process. Additionally, Dr. Alex and Dr. Pete are able to preserve more healthy tooth structure and reduce oral sensitivity with this treatment option for even more satisfying results.

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Full & Partial Dentures

Dentures are the oldest form of tooth replacement that’s still available today, and patients who’ve suffered extensive tooth loss will be happy to know that they’re more advanced, more comfortable, and more reliable than ever before. At Gwinnett Smile Design, our doctors offer both traditional removable dentures for easy cleaning and storage and implant-retained prosthetics for better health benefits and more permanent oral support.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

At Gwinnett Smile Design, we strongly believe that it’s never too late to regain a complete, capable smile that looks and functions just like the real article. Dr. Alex and Dr. Pete are highly trained in complex restorative care – better yet, they enjoy providing it for their patients! Our team will work closely with you to devise the ideal full mouth reconstruction plan that’s personalized to fit your unique needs, budget, and level of time commitment.

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Root Canal Therapy

If you’re struggling with a severe dental infection, root canal therapy could be the saving grace that restores health to your tooth and eliminates the threat of extraction. Here in Lawrenceville, our doctors utilize the revolutionary WaveOne Gold system to make this procedure more streamlined and comfortable than ever before. Instead of having to rely on multiple, unwieldy tools, a single file is used to extract the affected pulp, treat the canal, and administer the filling material. You’ll be finished in just one appointment! 

Tooth Extractions

Our doctors will always work hard to help you preserve your natural smile and oral health over the years, but there are situations where the extraction of one or more teeth might be recommended. This is most common with wisdom teeth (third molars), which arrive later in a patient’s life and can fall victim to dangerous impaction and overcrowding. However, severe tooth decay and advanced periodontal disease may also result in damage that’s too far along to be corrected with dental crowns, fillings, or other restorative treatments.

If Dr. Alex and Dr. Pete determine that an extraction is necessary, our team will handle the procedure as smoothly and comfortably as possible, providing sedation dentistry as necessary. We will also help you plan for tooth replacements so that the time spent without the strong, functional dental structure you need is as minimized as possible.