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Dentist in Lawrenceville Offers the Clear Choice for a Straight Smile

Orthodontics issues, such as overcrowding, rotated and tipped teeth, or misaligned bites, impact the aesthetics of your smile. Misaligned teeth also cause oral health complications, like tooth decay and gum disease, when left untreated. Traditionally, metal braces are used to fix the alignment of the teeth; however, many tend to stray from treatment due to the appearance and restrictions of wires and brackets. Now, you have an alternative option to improve the appearance and health of your smile with Invisalign. As a dentist in Lawrenceville, we offer the FDA-approved orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth.

Benefit from a Clear Choice

Invisalign provides a far different form of orthodontic treatment while still offering the same high-quality results as traditional braces. Instead of using metal wires and brackets to pull the teeth into their correct positions, Invisalign uses clear aligners.

The aligners are created in a series, using impressions of your teeth. You will wear them over your teeth for about 22 hours per day. Each aligner in the series is worn for about two weeks. As you progress through each one, your teeth are gradually moved into the correct positions without the tugging and pulling of wires. On average, treatment takes about 12 months.

When compared to traditional orthodontics, the benefits of Invisalign are quite exceptional. Since the aligners are clear, your treatment will be virtually invisible. This offers a discreet and sophisticated treatment for adults who may be concerned about the appearance of metal braces.

Invisalign has quickly become the preferred choice for orthodontics as it offers a more convenient and comfortable treatment. The aligners are smooth and offer a custom-fit, so there is no irritation to the inside of the lips or cheeks. Since the aligners are removable, oral hygiene is easy, and you will not have to worry about dietary restrictions. However, you cannot eat or drink anything except water while wearing the aligners so they do not become damaged.

Overall, treatment is generally shorter and more convenient. As you progress through your treatment, you can switch to the next tray in the series right from your own home. You will not need to come into the office for adjustments, like those needed with metal braces. However, you will still need to visit our office every few weeks so we can monitor the progression of your treatment.

Benefit from a Straight Smile Today

Now, you can get a straight, healthy smile with a clear choice. Although Invisalign is effective for treating an array of alignment issues, it is not right for everyone. The treatment cannot be used on those who have severely overcrowded, rotated, or tipped teeth. In addition, if you have large gaps or bite issues caused from skeletal problems, you may not be a candidate.

To determine if Invisalign in right for you, we will perform a comprehensive examination of your teeth and bite. While creating a treatment plan, we will show you what your final results will look like prior to making a commitment to the aligners.

If you are ready to have a straight smile with the most discreet option, contact Gwinnett Smile Design today to schedule a consultation for Invisalign in Lawrenceville.